Annual Maintenance Contract

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO has a great significance when it comes to the name of your site, if your domain name is not SEO friendly, your website will be lost in the rest of the search results that Google shows.People are searching for certain services or products every second and if your SEO isn’t very strong you will not appear in the search results. And in fact, you are being searched through other things that are loosely related to your business.


Importance Of Annual Maintenance Contract

    If you are a startup, you probably will have a lot to do in your business rather than spending all of your time maintaining your website or your social media or digital marketing, making changes in the content and graphics and other things that are meant to be done from time to time or you will lack behind in the business race.

    For instance, you hire a professional to manage your business online, he/she will charge at least 15-20k. Team Jugadu is providing you the same service at much lower prices. You will get 70% cheaper services with us. Now you decide.

    Save Money and Make Budgeting Easier, you can get online presence at much cheaper prices than the market.

    With AMC in your hands, you can manage your offline presence and leave the online work to pros.

    Not learners but experts are at your disposal. We have professionals hired for the services we provide. So, you won’t have to worry about your online business being in the wrong hands.

    Team Jugadu will give you an emergency support whenever you need us to make changes in your website.


You now have to decide whether you want to be on social media or not. There are already a lot of businesses online and getting customers everyday or at least they are spreading about their company using social media, why are you lacking behind? Social Media is a place where you can attract a lot of customers. Small or large, even though a lot of people know about your business, you still have to be a part of social media because it attracts a lot of new customers and the reach is not measurable.