Domain and Business Name

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO has a great significance when it comes to the name of your site, if your domain name is not SEO friendly, your website will be lost in the rest of the search results that Google shows.People are searching for certain services or products every second and if your SEO isn’t very strong you will not appear in the search results. And in fact, you are being searched through other things that are loosely related to your business.


Importance Of Domain and Business Name

    A domain name is important because the name only can reflect what your deals are in.

    A business having a good name will not only be present there only but will be international too.

    A good domain name will add mobility to your online presence.

    The right domain name, an attractive one and understandable by the name only can help other businesses join in with you.

    A domain name builds your brand.

    Your domain name will add to your search credibility.

    Your domain name will set user expectations.

    Now, you might have some idea on why a good name and a domain name is important, right?

Some Facts Domain Name

Most domains can only be 63 characters long

All “A” .com domains are taken.

The most expensive domain was sold for $35 million.

Domain names are most commonly 11 characters long was supposed to be

All three-character domains are taken

One time, a guy registered nearly 15,000 domains in a day

Soviet Union Domain Names are still Available for Purchase was the 64th registered internet domain.

It took two years to register the first 100 domains. Today, the same number is registered every few milliseconds.

Your name can be canceled if the information provided at registration is incorrect and registrar gets no reply within 15 days.

Domain registrations have been increasing by an astonishing 6.7 million (2.1%) year on year.


Standard Operating Procedure

    Schedule a meeting with the client asking for the business type etc

    Search for the available domains and business names

    Confirming client with the final names

    Buy the domain and hosting for the website


This is to let you know the importance of a domain for your website, if you do not choose a domain name that reflects your business people might turn away. You can be present everywhere if you choose that right name for your website. A name that is SEO friendly too, because the name will help you a lot at the time of google searches. You can always contact us if you do understand how and which name to choose for your website.