Cyber Security

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO has a great significance when it comes to the name of your site, if your domain name is not SEO friendly, your website will be lost in the rest of the search results that Google shows.People are searching for certain services or products every second and if your SEO isn’t very strong you will not appear in the search results. And in fact, you are being searched through other things that are loosely related to your business.


Importance Of Cyber Security

    60% of the companies have experienced a cyber attack.

    Cyber Security is very important even if you are just a start up and unnoticeable. Hackers always target websites that have no security because they are very to hack and steal data from. A significant portion of the information that is on your website is sensitive like account details of your customers, personal information, or other types of data which will be in harm if accessed by an unauthorized computer or network.

    The most common types of cyber threats are malware - Malicious software like trojan horses, keyloggers, Viruses etc. And Ransome ware attacks where the data or the computer is encrypted until a ransom is paid.

    There is a malware attack every 39 seconds and on an average 2244 times in a day.

    And there is a ransomware attack in every 14 seconds i.e. you take your phone out to text someone there is a ransom attack happening somewhere.

Why you should have Cyber Security?

A damage of expected 6 trillion dollars will be done by 2021.

About 30,000 websites are attacked with some kind of malware everyday.

Most of the illegal activities involves bitcoin. It equals to entire the illegal market of drugs.

You can become a hacker with a dollar.

It takes only 5 minutes to hack an IoT (Internet of Things) device.

94% of the malware is sent through a mail.

51% of the businesses experienced denial of service attacks in 2018.

61% of the organizations have experienced an IoT security attack.

48% malicious email attachments are office files.

In 2018, on an average 10,000 malicious apps were blocked per day.

By 2020, security services are expected to amount 50% for the cyber security budget.

The average cost of a malware attack on a company is 2.6 million dollar.


Standard Operating Procedure

    Penetaration Testing

    Searching for loop-holes in the website

    SSL Certificate Installation

    Taking care of all types of attacks like Dos, DDos, XSS, Brute Force etc



This is a small gist to how many attacks can happen in a day. Cyber attacks are measured per second. There is no extent to which hackers can go to destroy your reputation in the market. Only 5% of the files are protected properly. You can be the hackers next target if you don’t protect your website. Millions and billions of dollars are spent in a year in US on cyber attacks. The average cost per stolen record is 150$. I hope my data was helpful to you, to know why cyber security is important for your small business. For more queries, you can call us or book a meeting with us.