Why Digital Marketing Is So Important

I think digital marketing and inbound marketing is actually the make-or-break factor. When it comes to growing your business online if you want to be and if you want to be successful. You’re going to need to learn how to do this and the importance of digital marketing. So there is a trap that a […]
importance of digital marketing

I think digital marketing and inbound marketing is actually the make-or-break factor. When it comes to growing your business online if you want to be and if you want to be successful. You’re going to need to learn how to do this and the importance of digital marketing.

So there is a trap that a lot of business owners fall. Into they think that if they show up and they start a business where they start a product or service or they make a webpage. Where they start selling things that just the act of showing up is going to be enough to get them to get sales.

Know your client

So, listen digital marketing is one of the most important things that you can do in business today and why. Is that number one your clients and your customers are spending time online they’re on Facebook they’re on Instagram they’re on YouTube?

Since your clients and customers are on there your competitors are also on there. So if it’s something that you’re not actively doing you’re letting chance for competitors to swoop in and steal your customers. The thing about digital marketing that a lot of people don’t understand is that digital marketing really mirrors human behavior.

In general, it’s not some computer that you’re creating an ad for. You’re creating an ad for another person. Digital marketing allows you to reach people at scale and it allows you to reach them like never before. It used to be that if you wanted to run ads you’d have to go through newspapers or TV or radio very expensive mass mediums It was difficult to track. It was very costly difficult to set up took lots of production and it also took time to get results. And figure out exactly how things were working.

Now, with Digital Marketing you have the ability to turn campaigns on and off with the flip of a switch or just a click of a mouse. Actually, you’re able to manage campaigns and create campaigns quickly for low cost and it’s very simple.

Since it’s so simple let me a barrier to entry is low when your barrier to entry is low typically it’s a little bit difficult to navigate and figure out. So if you want to make things simpler for yourself and figure out.

How to create campaigns

How to create campaigns that are ultimately going to be successful you need to understand human behavior. You need to understand how people react to specific objects and items. That you’re going to be presenting to them and you need to understand how to communicate. What it is that they want ultimately people talk a lot about themselves from that creating marketing and marketing tools and marketing assets.

They talk about themselves all the time and that’s understandable. If you start talking about I’ve been in business for years. And I have these specialties and I provide these services that don’t tell. What the clients of customers want you to need to break it down in simplest forms about.

What people want what they are looking for. What’s in it for them not what’s in it for you people will tamale care about. What’s in it for them so don’t ever make it in terms of what’s in it for your business is not a charity. And just being open doesn’t mean that people are going to come to you. Even if you have the best product if people aren’t able to know about it if you’re not able to cut through the noise you’re not going to be successful. Don’t fall for the trap that if you build it they will come it’s not going to happen.

If you’ve ever launched a website or a podcast or a YouTube channel. What ends up happening is a lot of times it just goes on deaf ears it doesn’t even get seen by people. So, you need to figure out a way to cut through the noise to get in front of the right groups of people. To create content that’s going to speak to them that’s going to speak to the problems that they have. And takes time to learn now if you’re asking what should I learn. There’s so much to learn what should I do I think that if you want to get started figure out.

First where your clients and customers are spending time what’s the main channel. That they’re doing focus on that one single channel get good at it to the point where you understand. What works and what doesn’t work there. And then after that start moving on to new things. Figure out where the attention is in your market. And what is the kind of benefit that you can provide to your clients and customers there on that channel?

Create content according to platform

It’s really that simple. Where are people spending time? If it’s Facebook okay we need to figure out content for Facebook if it’s Instagram we need to figure out content for YouTube.

That’s as difficult as it is once we understand that we’re really clear on who our clients and who our customers are then. We’re able to create ads that push the content out to these different demographics.

Once we have people engaging with the content. We’re able to show them offers that are relevant to them based on how they’re interacting with the content. And that way we’re segmenting and identifying the right kinds of customers we’re putting relevant offers in front of them. And then we’re creating ultimately hopefully a community of people who know like and trust you. Want to do business with you so that you can sell them over and over and over again. And expand your business and grow. It so doesn’t get hung up on all of the tactics and all of the things that you need to learn. Really comes down to who are you trying to serve where are they spending time. What’s the promise that you can make these people they’re going to solve the

Problems that they have but they’re looking for solutions to and then present that in a way that’s easy for them to take action.

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