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What is SWOT? SWOT analysis is a marketing technique for businesses to identify the STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES, and THREATS of your business. It is a process of creating a strong business strategy in order to generate maximum growth for your business. Why SWOT Analysis is important? This process forces you to look at your business […]

We will need great business ideas to try out now seeing the current situation due to Coronavirus. Due to this, more than 3,00,000 people in our country are unemployed and god knows what they will do in future. Unemployed people are looking for business ideas to follow. But you can always look up to the […]

Do we need any consultations before opening up a startup?

Yes, can you take a medicine without consulting the doctor? No. So, how do you plan on setting a startup online without any help from experts? Consulting us on certain topics like : Is a website important for online business? Do you send out flyers of your offline business without opening an office? No, right? […]