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Omnipresence to Grow Your Business? I am everywhere & I am nowhere. That’s the beauty of the internet age – Ai Weiwei, said about the web omnipresence. Web Omnipresence is a complex word used to describe the ever-present state of the web and the internet. Internet is everywhere whether you notice it or not. Sometimes […]
How to Use Web Omnipresence to Grow Your Business?

Omnipresence to Grow Your Business?

I am everywhere & I am nowhere. That’s the beauty of the internet age – Ai Weiwei, said about the web omnipresence.

Web Omnipresence is a complex word used to describe the ever-present state of the web and the internet. Internet is everywhere whether you notice it or not.

Sometimes it’s chilling to even think how dependent we are on the web and its means. But it’s the truth we have become addicted to it, then why not use it the best we can.

Studies suggest, that an average person spends 6 hours a day on their phones. Reading stuff, surfing the internet, using it, and for countless other purposes.

If we manage to grab the attention of all the people using the world wide web. So, We can manage to bring the traffic and ultimately benefit ourselves, our blogs, or businesses.

In order to take full advantage of these marketing services. We have to know what the web is and what are we ignoring? In what ways we are using the web.

In many ways we’ve been avoiding the understanding of how the web really works and how can a person take advantage of this almighty state of the web. Here we try to make you aware of what’s been side-stepped while we were busy using the internet but not understanding it.

And here are 6 simple ways for you to use to grow your business using the ever-present web

Get a Domain

What is a domain you might ask? A domain is the name of the website. It’s what comes after www (world wide web). For example,,, etc. so, the first step in growing your business is purchasing a domain name. Now there are many companies that sell domain names like GoDaddy, Hostinger, etc. You can purchase a domain from these web hosting companies that are the first step in creating an online presence. You’ll have to pay annual charges to these sites for your domain but remember it’s an investment that will reap your benefits in the future. After you buy a domain name, you will get a URL, that will be the address of your website and anyone who will search your domain name will straight be taken to your website with the help of this URL.

Create a Website

Although they are interwoven but buying a domain does not mean building a website. So, what is a website? Patience we’re coming to that. First, you buy the name of the website that is the domain. Then you’re given an address of the domain that is the URL. And after that, you build a website at that address that people will see. For example, the name of the house is the domain and its address is the URL then the website is the actual house with all the rooms and all. Now, building a website is a lot easier than you think you don’t require the knowledge of PHP or HTML there are people who provide web design and marketing services you can simply hire them. They can build you a beautiful website in hours according to your need and taste and maintain it for you.

Use SEO Tools

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a tool to always put your blogs, articles, website show when people search. It is not that easy as you think. There are certain keywords that you put in your content to make it appear on top when searched. You can find these keywords using a free keyword search tool and just typing what related keywords you want. You can Google SEO and find out a lot more about it. SEO will keep your website on top and bring a lot of traffic which will help you sell your product or services easily. Now, the ideal rate of SEO keywords is between 2-5% if you stick between that it will be most helpful for your site.

Stay Updated on Social Media

Social media is a hot topic these days. It’s important for a business to have a social media account linked to their websites where they can post or promote their products or services. Social media is one of the most important things in web omnipresence that can also influence the brand image. The number of likes or followers instantly boost up sales. And stay updated on social media means keeping in eyes of the potential customers. Frequently posting about sales or discounts will make turn the would-be customers into actual ones. And keeping and staying on social media will keep you updated about all the trends and your customers’ demands.

Regular Posting on Blogs

Blogs are the heartbeat of any website. They have the power to make your business boast. Regular posting will keep the traffic coming and the audience engaged while blogs can work miracles for small businesses. It develops and strengthens the relationship with customers while helping create a strong web presence online. It also toughens the brand image and gets a chance to be featured on someone else’s website which can bring a lot of traffic to the said post and the main website as well. If online exposure is your goal then blogging can be a great marketing strategy.

Discussion forum

Discussion forums can provide great internal and external support to customers as well as staff members. It’s a platform where you can provide answers to all the queries of your customers and solve their problems by answering their questions. Apart from the exceptional support, these forums can provide they can prove out to be a great market research tool. You can know what your audience wants without asking them. These intranet discussions will definitely help you save on your research cost. And they can provide community support where people can answer each other’s questions. Because no matter how hard you try you cannot solve every query. This community like feeling will make your consumers feel more comfortable and heard.

These are some ways where you can start at scratch to build your brand. All of these tips for web omnipresence will make your business online presence more prominent and highlighted. If used right they can help your business kick start from the ground and up in the sky. Just follow all the tips and if you want more details. There are many tutorials out there and websites explaining each and every one of the points in deep.

So, after reading this article you get an complete idea of web omnipresence


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