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Team Jugadu is a platform where we provide all the website development services and we not only give you the benefit of a website but our team will help you develop an omnipresence. https://teamjugadu.com/web-omnipresence Check this link out to know what is web omnipresence and what do we do in that. Web Omnipresence is a […]

Team Jugadu is a platform where we provide all the website development services and we not only give you the benefit of a website but our team will help you develop an omnipresence.

https://teamjugadu.com/web-omnipresence Check this link out to know what is web omnipresence and what do we do in that.

Web Omnipresence is a concept in which we help you built your presence everywhere, for eg., you have a very keen presence offline but you have to be online too.

Why do we have to be online? Because we can see the increase in number of people that are their on social media. There are more than 80% of people on social media and 59% are active users.

These are the 9 services that our Team Jugadu will provide you with the best of everything:

Team Jugadu has professionals hired for every service that we provide you.

1. Website Development

One of the major ways to be online is to get a website of any kind of business that you do. People nowadays prefer businesses that have a website because it is much easier to visit a website then go and look for you.

Our motto? We will not just build you a website but we will build you a website that will sell. Something that will get you business online and you will not regret having a website.

We will build you a responsive, secured, fast, and a website with the latest technology.

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A good website is the brick to your online business.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO are the keywords that we use that are common and are most searched on google. If your website isn’t SEO rich, you will lack behind from a lot.

There are nearly 67k searches happening everyday on search engines and your websites appear in these results only if your website is SEO rich.

We will help you get on-page, off-page, Global keyword analysis, Link building and other things that are a part of the SEO.

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Without SEO, your website is buried like a dead body found nowhere.

3. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is no joke, believe me. You cannot just pick 4 colors and combine them to use on your website or on your social media posts.

You need good graphics for your business whether you are just a start up or a well-established firm. Your graphics should be attractive because your visitor will first take a look at the colors of your websites.

You have only 8 seconds to catch the attention of a visitor and the first thing that the visitor notices is the colors and the movements of your website.

We will take care of the colors, graphics, your logo, vector, golden ratio etc. that are a part of the graphic designing.

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We will judge a book by it’s cover and the same way we judge a website by it’s look on the first page.

4. Digital Marketing

Okay, Digital Marketing is not social media marketing, they both are different and use different platforms. Digital marketing is a complete use of the internet to advertise your business.

Digital Marketing uses platforms like emails, blogging, pay per click, google adwords, Search engine marketing etc. and much more.

E mail marketing is one of the most used platforms in Digital Marketing because people are more active on mails. What is the first thing you check when you wake up in the morning? Your phone, of course. and you do check your mails in the morning and every hour.

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If you do not market your business, you will not be very far from being gone.

5. Social Media Marketing

What social media are you on? Every platform? Right. Because there are 59% of active social media users and every person is there at least on 7 social media platform.

Now, imagine you not being there on social media with your business, you are not only behind but you are nowhere in the race. You need to know the importance of social media in your business and it is absolutely cost effective.

All you have to do is be regular with whatever new and trendy you are launching. You can post daily updates about what is there in the market and what is it that you are doing different.

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Social Media is the breathe of your marketing strategy.

6. Security

You buy a bungalow and you have security guards outside and around the house, right? Why do you keep security guards? To protect your money, jewellery and all the important stuff.

The same way you need to have security for your website to protect all the customer details and personal information that a visitor will put while filling a form.

Big or small, your business needs security at any cost. There are more than 60% companies that have experienced an attack; Small and large, both. Team Jugadu is the best in security services.

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There is an attack happening in every 39 seconds, don’t be a part of one.

7. Domain and business name advisory

A domain name is the representation of your whole business, a complete look. Your name will give people an idea of your dealing and you need to make sure that it is something that lets people know what you are doing right.

A good name will help you be international too. But you need to be precise while choosing a name because in future, if you decide to expand your business and but your name doesn’t reflect that it is going to be trouble.

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A good domain name can build your business and a bad name will let it all fall.

8. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

You cannot take of every single thing that is happening on your website, marketing, security and other things that are online, right? AMC is a contract (an agreement) that is to be signed by you.

The contract is a such that we will take care of your online business as per you say and a s per the market trends for a a year or so.

AMC is the best option for you if you want to go online and make your budgeting easier.

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You maintain yourself everyday right? You work needs that maintenance too.

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9. Consulting

You are new at being online with your business and you do not have much knowledge about how to do things and how to manage them, don’t worry we will help you with that.

Our Team Jugadu will also provide you with the consultancy on how to do things when you are new to being online and how to manage it too. We have experts at your disposal helping you everytime.

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When you ask questions, we know you are aware of things happening around.

Check out my blogs on our website https://teamjugadu.com/ to know more about our services and to get a clear idea of what is web omnipresence and how do we develop it.


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