The spread of the coronavirus is causing issues for the IT companies in India and we have already started seeing the effect of it as the pandemic across the country increases. Although, some of the work that is done in the IT companies of India is an easy move to the Work-from-home structure and even the greater forces would allow for it.


Covid 19 Affect on IT Firms

IT companies will now ask the clients to waive off their projects till they try to workout the work from home structure. It is the key requirement as of now because a lot will be at stake if such majors are not taken soon. And it also gets difficult to ask such a large amount of employees to stay put.

Online office could be the better option here. The benefits of having an online office will completely reflect here in such times. If you have a website you can easily manage your business from home without any issues and all of the things that you want to be managed from outside can also be done from home, this resolves the issue for you as well as for others.


What Can We Do?

    TAt this time, we can mainly target all the online businesses because if you are in anyway online with your business you can easily work from home and run your business without any discrepancy.

    You can very easily get your site maintained from home.

    It is also of great importance for employees that travel in public transports which are in a large number to work from home as they are at a much higher risk of catching a virus.

    The private sector of our country will be at much higher risk in terms of economy and other things but this is something which is needed to be done right now. If your company will be okay with the work from home structure and it works fine for your employees too, you have to go for it and risk lives at this time where we are at so much loss if things go out of hands.

    Also, the government will waive off the projects at this time because we face concerns while working from home. And we should also keep in mind that we should most definitely have such policies with us in our companies if we face any such situations in the coming future, we should have such policies that our work isn't affected by it.

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