Privacy Policy

What is a Privacy policy?

Our privacy policy at Team Jugadu is that we will protect all your personal information if we take any from you when you book a demo or leave a query with us on our website. We only ask for your contact number to send an OTP that we keep safe with us.

About our work here -

Team will provide you with services that are needed to set your business online.


Information Practices at Team Jugadu

We have taken every measure to ensure that all the information provided on our website is accurate and relative to what we need from you. The content is subject to change according to the changes in our business.

We assure that all the downloadable information on our website is free from viruses.

Information Collected By Us

Your Phone Number.

Your Email ID.

You can opt to get offers from us.

You have complete control on the information you provide us and if you don’t want to give us your information and just scroll through the website, you can do that too. We tell you why and how we use your information. We take your contact number or email id so that we can contact you or send you an email regarding your question that you leave for us.We do not share your information with any third party including any organisation/corporate. If you do not want to be a part with us, you can skip the quotation part and you will be directed on the home page. If you skip on the quotation page, our database will not store your information but if you put in information on our quotations page, our database will keep your information.

Course Content

The content provided on our website is only for the purpose of letting people know what we do and what do we deal in, it is only for education and guidance to our customers. We can change the content of our website without any prior notice to you.

Corrections to Your Personal Information

You can call us or email us if you want to make any changes in the information that you provide us on our website.

Changes In Our Privacy Policy

We can change our privacy policy anytime and we reserve the right to change the terms of our privacy policy. If we make any changes all our users will be notified via email.

Deleting Your Account

If you want to delete your personal information you can contact our support team for help.