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  • Q. What is Team Jugadu?

    Team Jugadu is a place where you find all "jugads" for your online business. From mapping a design to making it live. Once you become a part of us, your business will be ours.

  • Why Choose Team Jugadu?

    The most important question while trusting a team with you business, right? The only reason why you should choose our Jugadu Team is we can arrange a solution to any kind of problem. Need help with anything? Just drop your query online or meet us offline and we will be right back with a great solution.

  • How Old Is Team Jugadu?

    Team Jugadu has been in business since February 2019 and we have had 20 satisfied clients and 30 projects delivered.

  • What Is The Security Key

    When we start a business we think it's a small setup and won't be easy to hack, right? That's where the risk lies, small businesses might be unnoticeable to larger group of people but it is still easily hackable because there is not much protection on it.

  • What Do We Provide In Sucurity

    LWe will provide you with certain security services like red team sandbox testing, bug fixing, Ddos, traffic monitoring and many other services that will assure you with the kind of security your online business will need.

  • What Is The Cost Of The Services Provided By Us

    The cost will depend on the kind of work you will give us. Every field of work requires a different type of way and we charge according to it.

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